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Xambioá means “swift bird” in Tupi-guarani language. Today, the name means a quiet town on the Araguaia margin. The town is eager to change “quickly” though, in order to bring development and a better living for its people. Tourism may be a way to do it along with cattle raising, agriculture and fishing.

What the town really needs is to leave behind traces from the Guerrilla of Araguaia, a Brazilian leftist movement against the military go.vernment in the 60′s and 70′s. The conflicts brought too many problems to the residents. Some say it’s history and now the town is “taken over” by tourists from all over Brazil who come looking for the beaches, the amazonian panorama with its stunning sunset over the Araguaia waters.

Murici Beach is the first stop recommended. Along its 1 km of calm waters the vegetation is rich in “murici” and “caju” (cashew). The fish are “pacu”, “piau”,”cari” and “peixe-voador”. It’s a 25 minutes ride upstream.
Also a great place for fishing is Paletó Island with its restful beach waters. AII you need is a fishing rod and a few baits. The course takes an hour ride upstream leaving from Xambioá harbor.

Another option is to follow the way to Campo Island, a 1,5 km long by 500m wide beach area. This is a permanent beach that never gets covered by the river waters. Its vegetation and climate are typically from the Amazon Forest. The access takes one hour by boat. There is a course of river rapids and it’s recommended that a guide be taken along.

For those who would like an adventurous journey it’s a great idea to go down the “Corredeiras de Xambioá’, an extension of 6 km of river rapids. A thick vegetion is part of the scenery along with herons, hawks, diver birds, monkeys and deers. From many places there one can appreciate “Serra das
Andorinhas” in the state of Pará. But it’s good to remind that the watercourse should be led by someone familiar with the river rapids.

After this exciting experience one can also enjoy pools and waterfalls like Poςão do Noleto a 15m long water sled, the “Balneário Poςão ” with bar service and disco music on Sunday afternoons, and “Cachoeira da Cascata” a 30m long waterfall that forms a 10 m (in diameter) pool at its bottom.

The month of July offers “Micaxam”, a local carnival party and also the no less traditional square dance and lots of craft fairs.

Distance from Palmas: 500km
Inhabitants: 11.000
Restaurant / bar:
Ayeme Rio Discoclub, Rua José Bonifácio 473, club & churrascaria, 1.500 persons, 24 h
Bem Bolado, Praça do Mercado Municipal; bar; capacidade: 250 persons; 24 h
Piroska, next to Posto de Saúde São José, local dish, 50 persons, 24h
Doce Vida Restaurant, Av. Pres. Vargas s/n.º; local dish, 150 persons; open 10 to 23 h
Churrascaria Canequinho, Rua 7 de Setembro s/n.º, 50 persons; open 10 to 23 h
Grande Hotel Nossa Signora Fatima,
Hotel Araguia

Town hall:

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