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Proindústria Program

Government’s Industrial Policy Attracts Businesses to Palmas

05/21/2009 – Samuel DaltanWith the state government’s tax incentive policy, Palmas is the city in Tocantins that receives more new industries, according to information from the Department of Industry and Commerce. Governor Marcelo Miranda’s policy for industrialization reduces the tax burden of companies in significant numbers. One example is the Proindústria Program, which reduces the ICMS tax from 17% to 2% for industries installed in the state.

Proindústria was established in 2003 and is currently the tax incentive program with greatest activity in the state. In Palmas alone 47 firms are benefited, which invested about $ 120 million and create over 1,500 direct jobs.

This reality has allowed entrepreneur Cléber Ferreira, owner of a rice industry in the capital, to broaden his business. “Our company has been here since 1991 and for a while we wanted to extend the facilities, but were not able. Now the state government has sold four industrial lots for a price well below market. Thanks to this I am building new facilities and soon I will hire more staff,” he said.

The government’s tax benefits reach the most varied segments, such as packaging, cereal, pre-molded and foods. In the capital, there are 16 distributors of medicine, attracted by an incentive program for the specific sector. Investments in this area are R $ 6 million. More than 350 direct jobs were generated. According to Secretary of Industry and Commerce, Donizeti Silva, “for every direct job generated by these companies, three to five new indirect jobs are created.”

With the Business District Tocantins 1, started this year by the State Government, the expectation is that the number of contracted workers is multiplied in the coming years, increasing the circulation of money in Palmas’ economy. “The construction work of the district is already in the bidding process. The government has already earmarked R$ 2.4 million for the asphalting of the area,” says Silva.

Around 100 companies have been benefited from lots and by state incentives to settle in the industrial district of Palmas. Projects will be implemented by the end of this year, generating more than 1,500 direct jobs. The Technological Park of Palmas, in the southern capital, is another project launched to attract technology-based companies, incubators and research labs for the development of innovative products. The Chinese company Synergy Group, which produces electronic components, has already signed a Term of Commitment with the state government to be one of the anchors of the Technological Park.


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