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Processing industry in Tocantins

Tocantins generates and exports large quantities of raw materials. Its economy depends on trade, agriculture and livestock. The opportunities for the processing industry are various.

  • Biofuels: biodiesel, alcohol
  • Meat: poultry, fish
  • Fruits: conserving fruits, castanhas, juice concentration
  • Grains: soja and corn,
  • Plants: sugar refining, oil extraction
  • Trees: furniture, latex
  • Minerals: iron, gold ,nickel, gems,

The most important products are rice, corn, beans, soybeans, cassava and sugarcane.
The Belém-Brasília highway boosted agriculture in the region, but modernization is hampered by
the concentration of land ownership.

Cattle concentrates on the Araguaia Valley, the richest part of the state, with cattle (6.5 million), and pigs (737,000). They are also horses (180,000) and buffalo (30,000). Goats can be found in some municipalities.

The mineral extraction is based on the exploitation of rock crystal. There are also deposits of bauxite, limestone, tin, gypsum, tin, dolomite, gypsum and gold, but the mineral potential remains untapped.

Plant extraction of babassu, castor, pequi, para nut and hardwood (mahogany).

The creation of Tocantins attracted large companies to Araguaina, the main industrial center, and Gurupi.
The main industrial activities are in the manufacturing of furniture, pipes, tiles, bricks, lime, cement, metal products light and timber for construction.

Examples of 8 agribusinesses at strategic points: fish processing industry in Palmas;
Miracema, Figueirópolis Nativity for tropical fruit; Araguatins and Tocantinópolis for derivatives of tomato and guava;
Araguaina, for tomatoes and canned corn, and Xambioá for fish, especially Matrinxã.

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