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The story of Paraíso do Tocantins is closely related to the construction of BR-14, BR-153 today, known as the Belém-Brasília highway. It all began in l958 when the pioneer José Ribeiro Torres was installed next to a camp of the National Company, contractor’s work. Since then, other people came to the region forming a village, today seat of the municipality. The name derives from the Paraíso region’s natural beauty. A few years after installation of the first local resident, Paraíso won the status of district on 22 February l963. The same year Paraíso seperated from the city Pium. With the creation of the State in 1989, Paraíso was no longer the “North”, in relation to Goias, and incorporated “Tocantins” in its name.
The main economic activities of Paraíso do Tocantins are agriculture and livestock, while the industry and the wholesale and retail trade also have a significant place in economic life. The city exports rice, beans, corn and soybeans, and imports manufactured goods. The most common minerals in the region are: copper, phosphate, talc, gypsum and gneiss.

Tourist attractions

Capela do alto do morro
The chapel is situated on the highest point of the mountains surrounding the city. It is the location of a ritual that has become a tradition in the city. During Holy Week, at dawn on Easter Saturday, a procession is held, climbing the mountain up to the chapel. There is a mass in the presence of a large number of faithful, who take the advantage of paying for promises.

Religious celebrations
The Festejo de São José Operário, patron of the city, is held on May 1. The festival attracts lots of tourists.

Festival de Música Popular of Paradise TO, conducted at the Covered Gym, in downtown. The first phase of the festival begins in July with the opening and classification of the first new songs. The replay takes place in September with the award of best music. The festival is organized by the Municipality and the Department of Culture of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and also professional associations of the settlement.

Agropecuária (ExpoBrasil)
It is one of the most important agricultural exhibitions of Tocantins, which closes the annual calendar of events in the area, held in the state. Every year the exhibition Paradise gains more prominence.
During the exhibition are assembled dozens of stalls that feature live music and typical foods of the region making it the biggest party event in the city.

Trade Fair of Micro and Small Enterprises in Paradise Tocantins. It happens every year (date movable). Presents the industrial and commercial potential of the region and is organized by SEBRAE-TO.

Inhabitants: 42.000
Distance from Palmas: 63km

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