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North-South Railroad

With the conclusion of the North-South Railroad, which should come into operation by 2010, Tocantins will be much closer to markets in Europe and the United States than most Brazilian states. With this, its exports, which have already taken huge leaps in recent years, are expected to grow.

The railroad will cross through the entire length of Tocantins. At the national level, the railway will connect the North and Northeast to the South and Southeast, reducing the cost of freight and production. Tocantins, for its location, will be at the center of this flow of cargos.

In addition, the state will have the largest number of platforms for loading and unloading of cargoes of the North-South Railroad.

  • Total length: 1.550 km (cutting the states of Maranhao, Tocantins and Goias)
  • Inside Tocantins: 724 km
  • Area of influence: about 1.8 million square kilometers conducive to agriculture, livestock, and some of the largest mineral reserves of the country
  • Transport capacity: 15 million tons per year

The railroad also offers investment options in the five railway platforms:

  • Colinas,
  • Aguiarnópolis,
  • Araguaina,
  • Porto Nacional / Gurupi and
  • Palmas.

The intention of the State Government is seeking partnerships with the private sector for the industrial districts that will naturally arise from the operation of the platforms. Some companies have already announced installation, such as Petrobras, with a basis for distribution of fuels (ethanol, gasoline and diesel) in the National Platform of Porto, investment of about $ 100 million.


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