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Along the Tocantins margins this town has also great beaches as its main attractions. Mirassol and Funil Beaches offer great area for camping and a beautiful view.
Balneário Correntinho is surrounded by typically northern vegetation and has a more structured location with restaurants, sand courts, soccer field and obviously a natural pool. Coconut base fish dishes go well with vodka mixed with coconutwater.
Hammocks, fish nets and sculptures are part of local art crafts along with Xerente Indians handiwork. For accommodation the town counts on two hotels with 100 beds.

The town was created August 25, 1948. In 1989 it was provisional capital of the state.
The history begins with the mines that attracted immigrants to the North of Goiás, in the early twentieth century, and later the exploitation of sugar cane and river navigation. In 1929 the first settlers arrived, settling on the spot due to the beauty of the landscape.
The region was named Xerente and Bela Vista. In 1948 the district was separated from Araguacema, with the designation of Miracema do Norte.
In 1988, with the separation of the State of Goiás, Tocantins rise, Miracema do Norte, Miracema do Tocantins today, was chosen to host the provisional capital of the state, by act of the president. It remained in this condition during the period January 1, 1989 until December 31 of that year, when it was installed in Palmas, the final capital.


  • Beach Mirassol, Rio Tocantins;
  • Balneário Lucena and Correntinho, praia do Funil and Ponto de Apoio,
  • Miracaxi (out of season carnival)
  • Mirafolia (carnival)
  • Agostina (country event).

Popular celebrations: Festivities of Our Lady of Fatima, June Festival, the city’s anniversary and Festa de Terezinha do Menino Jesus, and the staging of the Passion of Christ in Holy Week.
Patron: Nossa Senhora das Graças (May 31)
Economy: agriculture

Distance from Palmas: 78km
Inhabitants: 20.000

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