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Lajeado is the name of a town, a river and the hills north east of Palmas. The place is known for its stories of unusual signs of light appearing over the mountains.
Lajeado Falls holds an important project built in the 60′s: a hydroelectric power-station. On the way to these falls one finds the most beautiful views of Serra do Carmo and Morro do Leão.

For a panaromic view over the lake and Palmas: take the TO-010, in the direction of Lajeado, check kilometer sign 13  and find a small road on the right. Drive to the fazenda 3km further and then follow the track by foot.
The most interesting waterfall is called Mirindiba. Take the road at sign 22km.
Our suggestion is that you hire a guide at Catur. Catur is located at the Parque Cesamar in Palmas.

Serra do Lajeado gathers three different types of vegetation: caatinga (a stunted sparse forest), patches of trees and tropical forest. Wild animals, most in extinction, are found there.
The exotic is also present:
Morro do Segredo (Secret Mountain) is full of folk tales about its volcano like form.  According to local residents these mountain keep a lot of secrets about mysterious signs coming from flying objects.
The atmosfere of magic is further enhanced by the great slabs of granite which gave the town its name and by the old indian inscriptions on a panel in the Serra das Escritas.

Distance from Palmas: 53km
Inhabitants: 2.200

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