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A city deeply penetrated into the woods, Itaguatins shows the Tocantins river’s passage where the water discharge and watercourse are more intense.
It is the Santo Antonio waterfall that throws strong armful water and vigorous whirls.
The neighbourhood with Imperatriz city, in Maranhão’s State, makes Itaguatins being a very special tourist place.

The old town of Santo Antônio da Cachoeira began its settlement around
1860. On August 5, 1917 the district of São Vicente do Araguaia was elevated with
name of Santo Antônio de Cachoeira. But on December 31, 1943 is given
Itaguatins’s name, which is formed by the junction of the prefix ita, meaning stone, with
termination and last syllable of the names “Araguaia” and “Tocantins” respectively. With
dismemberment of the district Araguatins on October 13, 1948, acquired its Itaguatins
political and administrative autonomy.
Attractions: Praia do Tio Claro, Cachoeira de Santo Antônio, streams and adjacent regions.
Popular festivals: S. Antônio, Bumba-meu-boi, festa junina and the city’s anniversary.

Distance from Palmas: 600km
Inhabitants: 6.000

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