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Formoso do Araguaia

This municipality began in 1949 along with crystal mines exploration. Today it holds one of the largest irrigation programs for rice and soybean plantation in Latin America. Cattle raising, lumbering and fishing are along with breeding of alligators profitable activities tor the local economy.
Alligator breeding started in 1990 through Copraba (Brazilian Forming Cooperative). Due to an increasing rate of these animals reproduction around the irrigation channels the Cooperative decided to install a breeding reservoir aiming to export alligator skin.
Tourism is to become a very profitable source as well.


  • The Javaés River encircles the right side of Bananal Island and is also one of the countless attractions in Formoso. The beaches start to come into sight in May and Porto Piaui is the most famous one at 25 km from downtown.
  • Coming out of a groove in the rocks Morro Azul Lagoon is a spring of warm clear waters. Along the side is Morro Azul from where mineral rocks are extracted without affecting much of its original 70 m high formation.
  • To be present at Aruano, an Indian dance ritual that happens in “Aldeia dos javaés”, means an unforgettable experience. On April 1 st, “Festa do Indio” is also a very interesting feast. Actually, anytime of the year is great for visiting the Indian settlement in Formoso.
  • Rio Formoso Project brings together machinery, working men and wild animals. It’s an interesting scene to watch: a stretching area of cultivated land and water inhabited by rheas, capybaras, deers, alligators and other animals. The project extends along 27.000 hectares for rice and soya plantation.

Distance from Palmas: 323 km
Population: 19.000 inhabitants

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