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Brazilian Real Estate Offers an Amazing Investment Opportunity

Investing in property in Brazil can be highly lucrative right now, since the Brazilian real estate offers remarkable investment opportunities for foreigners. One of these investment opportunities stems from the ambitious social housing project undertaken by the government, Minha Casa Minha Vida (My House My Life.)

Why Brazil Is a Good Country to Invest In

The steady improvement of the Brazilian economy over the past years, which transformed the country into one of the global powers, as well as the fantastic development of the Brazilian real estate, makes property investing in the country rewarding albeit low risk. Over the last decade at least there has been a steady flow of large foreign investment in the country, in particular coming from British and American investors. Many foreign investors have been successful, opening doors for a series of new, smaller investors, who aim for a quick profit with a small to moderate investment while taking comparatively few risks. Some of the crucial factors that make investing in property in Brazil noteworthy are the relatively low inflation rate the country has, low-cost of living, low-cost of property maintenance, good currency which makes foreign investment from European and American investors cheap, and various incentives of the Brazilian government which make it easy for foreigners to buy, hold, or sell property in the country.

Social Housing Developments

Minha Casa Minha Vida, in particular, is a remarkable investment opportunity for foreign investors, not only the big ones, but small the ones as well. Because the social housing project is large-scale and backed by the government, it creates safer opportunities for investors than any available right now in Europe or North America. Brazilians, and in particular low-income families, need more houses. The well-known shortage of houses in Brazil, coupled with an ever-increasing population, has led to the social housing project Minha Casa Minha Vida, which aims to construct hundreds of thousands of houses in various regions of the country. Brazilian families can easily get 100% mortgages from the state-owned bank Caxia for their homes. This makes it possible for many, many families that could otherwise not build their own home on their own get a proper house. And this also means that investors, and in particular foreign ones, can get involved and not only get some nice returns for their investments, but also contribute in a way to the development of the Brazilian housing market.

Make an Informed Decision

While it’s clear that the Brazilian real estate offers a wonderful investment opportunity, especially because of the social housing development in the country, this does not mean all investments will work. There are already many investment groups promising return on investments as high as 75% in 24 months, figures which are not always realistic. Investing in property in Brazil successfully requires that you compare investment opportunities to filter the truly lucrative ones from the mere schemes which make investment groups rich at your own expense.

Source: 20 december 2011

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