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Arapoema-Pau d´arco

Arapoema is an Araguaia River poem. The sunset is worshipped in many beaches all over the world, but in Arapoema the sunset is the proper city´s name ! The Santa Terezinha do Menino Jesus, the local patroness, attracts thousands of pilgrims every year in October 1st. Among the outstanding landscapes in Arapoema there is the Jacu Port and the dense woods in the middle of Araguaia River, forming almost small islands.

Distance from Palmas: 480km
Inhabitants: 7.000

Pau d´arco
A true archipelago surrounded by fresh crystal clear waters, with islands if white sands and woods in the middle of the Araguaia river. The Praia da Cigana, only 3km away from downtown, has a charming set of lagoons. It is ideal for fishing and ecological camping. The islands´ only access is through the voadeiras (flying vessels), small motorboats.

Distance from Palmas: 480km
Inhabitants: 5.000

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