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Agricultural Industries of Tocantins

Agricultural Industries of Tocantins
04/09/2008 – SECOM

The state counts with five agro-industrial districts in strategic counties of the state – Palmas, Gurupi, Araguaina, Porto Nacional and Paraiso. In the capital, Palmas, and in Paraiso, entrepreneurs find appropriate structure for the installation of various types of industries, including paved roads, running water and electricity. The government is implementing a policy to stimulate these areas, so they are ready to receive the new investments drawn to the state.

Examples of large enterprises that have settled here in light of the favorable conditions are:

Viotorantim Group in Xambioá, which will enable the state to become self-sufficient in the domestic cement supply and surpluses for export.

The group ASA Foods with two industrial plants; one in Paraiso and the other in Aguiarnópolis, for the processing of poultry;

Ecodiesel Brazil in Porto Nacional, with the capacity to produce 120 million of liters per year and has already invested about $ 20 million in that plant.

The meat packing plants, Margem, Bertin, Independencia, Friboi and Minerva already have settled in Tocantins ready for opportunities offered by the livestock for slaughter.

The Palmatex in Araguaina, is completing the facilities for its fabric manufacturing unit. It is the first textile industry of the state.

The Tuboplas, a Tocantins company that operates in the business of plastic tubes, is another example of a large investment. The company is already exporting.

The Golden Grass Mall already in construction, is expected to be opened by Christmas 2009. It is another investment that shows the advancement of trade in the capital.

Biodiesel Production Company of Tocantins – Biotins Energy in Paraiso, invested $ 6 million in machinery and has the capacity to produce 8 million liters per year. The main resource for this industry is the tame nut (Jatrofas curcas L.). The company will install two more industrial plants in Alvorada and Araguaina until 2010.

For 2008 the outlook is for the production of 12 million liters of alcohol from sugar cane; however with the introduction of new materials, such as sweet-potato and cassava, the estimate is that in 2011 the volume will reach 1,354 billion liters of sugar-cane alcohol, 1 billion liters of cassava alcohol and 0.3 billion liters of sweet potato alcohol, with a total area of 241 thousand hectares of such crops.

The industrialization of leather has excellent potential for expansion, both for green leather as for salted leather. Tax incentives from the government focus on the output of the product to other states and in domestic transactions among producers.

In relation to the milk chain, it is integrated by about 20 thousand producers, besides milk processing industries. To stimulate the industry, there are official programs such as Generator of Employment and Income, Foment to the Dairy Basin, and in partnership with the Brazilian Company for Agricultural Research, the Full Pail program.

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